Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back at Home

For those following, we are back at home. We left Temecula at 9:00 am and head south via 15.

A lot of burn and smoke in the Fallbrook area north of Escondido. The fire definitly is bad in the Palomar Mtn. However, air support finally arrived and it is attacking the fire in that difficult to reach area.

From the 15 Rancho Bernardo doesnt look that bad but all news indicate damage is in residencial areas on the side of the Hwy.

Scripps Ranch looks fine everywhere. Just some ashes, dirt, and smell. Not even the smoke cloud. It is hot (~95 degrees) but clear.

Our house is fine and we will be monitoring the situation

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Camp Pendentlon Update

Fire moving up to the mountain ridge and threatening to go down the mountain towards the coast. Please proceed with caution driving on Hwy5 between San Onofre and Oceanside


Poomacha Fire Highway 76, Pauma Valley
The communities of Valley Center, Rincon Hidden Meadows and Deer Springs are threatened. 218 firefighters are currently assigned to this fire. Poomacha Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

Ammo Fire Camp Pendleton
Areas 50 and 53 on Camp Pendleton have been evacuated. Ammo Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

Wilcox Fire Camp Pendleton
This 13-acre fire on Camp Pendleton currently threatens 100 residences. Wilcox Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

Harris Fire Harris Ranch Road & Hwy 94
This fire has burned 72,000 acres and is 10 percent contained the fire is burning at Harris Ranch Road and both sides of Highway 94 in Portrero in San Diego County. The communities of Chula Vista, San Diego, San Miguel, Portrero, Barrett Junction, Barett Lake area, Engineer Springs, Dulzura, Deerhorn Valley, Lawson Valley, Jamul, Lyons Valley and homes along Millar Ranch Road are threatened. 1211 firefighters are assigned under unified command.
Harris Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

McCoy Fire Cleveland National Forest
This fire has burned 300 acres and is 95 percent contained. One residence and one outbuilding have been destroyed. 49 firefighters are currently on scene. McCoy Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

Rice Fire Rice Canyon
10 percent contained. 206 homes have been destroyed. 1,500 homes are threatened. Evacuations are ongoing in the communities of Fallbrook Rainbow Glen and Deluz Canyon. Camp Pendleton and Oceanside are threatened. 723 firefighters are assigned to this fire under unified command including 387 CAL FIRE staff. Rice Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

Rosa Fire Near Temecula
70 percent contained. 175 residences near Temecula are threatened. Evacuations have been lifted and residents are being allowed back into the area. All roads are open. 223 firefighters are assigned to this incident under CAL FIRE command. Roca Fire Information Line (951) 940-6985.

Roca Fire East of Temecula
90 percent contained. 300 residences in or near Aquanga, Jojoba Hills Resort, Crosley Homestead, Agua Tibea Wilderness, and the Cleveland National Forest were threatened. One home has been destroyed. 108 personnel are assigned. One injury has been reported. Roca Fire Information Line (951) 940-6985.

Witch Fire Witch Creek Area East of Ramona
Mandatory evacuations are in place for the communities of Scripps Ranch, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Valley Center, San Marcos, and Rancho Santa Fe. Twelve firefighters have been injured on this fire. A CAL FIRE Incident Command Team is in command of this incident with 1,492 firefighters assigned. Wildcat Canyon is closed. Highway 67 is closed from Poway to Ramona. Witch Fire Information Line (619) 590-3160.

Winds update

Winds expected to be a little bit calmer tonight (>10mph) E-NE
Tomorrow morning: E-NE (~10mph)
Tomorrow afternoon: Winds Turning the opposite way NNW

Beware that the change in Wind patterns implicates that fires may be start moving in the opposite direction back inland specially in still buring areas (RB, RSF, South of Escondido)

Cleanup Process

Follow the following recomendations when returning home and starting the cleanup process. Remember to use protective mask when outside if you are in the path of the smoke

People Returning to Poway and SR

We have confirmed that there is people returning to homes in Poway, SR, and Del Mar. Not sure about Air quality.

Trip from Temecula to Escondido

We have confirmed that there is access between Temecula to Hwy78.

The scary part is the Rice fire because flames can be seen from the Hwy15

A lot of firefighters close to the Escondido Mall south of Escondido.

Check official fire information It has information on 12:00 m and 4:00 pm fires updates. Check the maps for comparison information.

  • Witch Fire: north and south of ramona seems to be expanding.
  • Witch Fire: South of Escondido seems contained
  • Witch Fire: East seems that is not advancing as far around Paseo Las Delicias in RSF

Login acount problems -- Sorry for the delay

Scripps Ranch allow to come back - Check before moving in


Poway residents, living in the following areas, are allowed to return home: South of Twin Peaks Road East of Community Road to Tierra Bonita Road on the north Donard Drive on the south West of Ipava Drive West and north of Poway Road Before returning to these areas, call the following number first: 858-513-2800.This information is courtesy of the City of Poway Assessment teams.


According to Mayor Jerry Sanders, some residents are allowed to return home to areas evacuated because of the Witch Fire. Those areas include: Del Mar Heights: South of Via de la Valle, west of Interstate 5 and north of Torrey Pines State Beach Scripps Ranch: South of Beeler Canyon Road, west of Sycamore Canyon Road, east of Interstate 15 and north of Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Items to Donate

The drive will be held in the park at East Mission Bay Drive, located near I-5 south in Pacific Beach/Mission Bay area, from 7:30am - 7:30pm - look for the Stay Classy tent.

Click here for directions to our Location

Suggested Items to donate...
Crisis Relief Supplies:
  • Face masks (for breathing)
  • Flashlights
  • BatteriesCots
  • Airbeds
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Medical Gloves
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Tents

Hygiene products:

  • Sunscreen
  • Diapers
  • Contact lens solution
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • Sanitary Wipes & Baby Wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Baby formulas, food, beds
  • Vitamins

Food Type Products:

  • Canned Goods
  • Commercial goods
  • Vegetables and Produce
  • Paper Plates
  • Ice
  • Milk
  • Baby
  • FoodPet
  • Food


  • CLEAN clothes.
  • Jackets, hats, blankets, sheets, pillows. No junk.
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Reading/Sun glasses
  • Misc. camping gear

Scripps Ranch still off limits

Scripps Ranch still off limits
Posted @ 10:43 AM
The following advisory is regarding the neighborhood of Scripps Ranch: There have been several media outlets reporting the San Diego Police Department is allowing residents back into their homes. This information is not accurate; the police Department is NOT allowing any residents of Scripps Ranch back into their homes. From: Officer James R. Johnson, San Diego Police Department

Email Notice

As you may know, San Diego county has been suffering tremendous wildfires that are reaching San Diego city on Tuesday 23rd. About 1/4 of San Diego is being evacuated and fires is not anywhere near contention.

Paola and I have evacuated on Sunday night and we are safe in the north on San Diego far from the fires. I have set up a blog to distribute information and you can contact us through the blog or email. (http://sandiegofire updates.blogspot .com/)

As I said, we are just monitoring the news to assess the situation but I think we are going to be fine. However, many people will sufer a lot so I enourage you to keep up with the news and prepare to send disaster relief items via the red cross or other organizations. I will be including detail information as it comes.

Overall Picture

Extend of SoCal fires. San Diego is being hit hard specially by NorthCounty and the South (close to the Mexican border)
Also, Irvine, Malibu, and East of Ventura are going through rough times.

News keep coming

News of evacuations by Highway 125 and San Miguel Road south of Sweetwater Reservoir. (

This is a dangerous development because the Harris fire (South) is getting way closer to San Diego City.

Please, keep up with the news and be ready to leave your homes.

Last update of the night (12:12am)

  • Hearing reports that 4S may have skip the fire.
  • One destroyed structure in SantaLuz.
  • The witch fire heading down to Del Mar Heights
  • Key objective to hold in Black Mountain road.
  • Fires in the north and east side of Poway
  • Harris fire enterering San Diego City in the south.
  • I-15 closed in both directions from Hwy 78 to Hwy 79
  • Closure of Via de la Valle and El Camino Real (12:07am)

Harris fire update

This fire is about 5% countained but is becoming a threat to San Diego. There are reports that this fire is entering the city of San Diego.

Keep the news on and be prepared.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Story

I live in Scripps ranch but I didn't lived the Cedar Fire. However, our neighbours knocked on our doors on Sunday 21st warning us. We decided to pack and head west to avoid being waked up by sirens or by the police. We were afraid the fire get to us and the evacuation ways got clogged.

We spent the night with friends in Carmel Valley and wake up at 5:50 with news that north of 56 was being evacuated. We helped our friends to pack and head north on the 5.

Going north on the 5 by 9:00 am it was like getting into Mordor

We arrived at Carlsbad by 9:30am and it was like crossing to another country. Perfect sunny day, surfers, beach goers, starbucks coffee.

We planned and decided to go to Temecula where we have friends. We went through hwy76 and reach a parking lot at the 15. The fallbrock fire was crossing the highway. So we kept going to Pala through the mountains to reach Temecula by 12:00m.

Updates on CA Fires

Where to go?

Treat this emergency with military strategy.

  • Look for a map. locate yourself and the fires.
  • Design escape routes.
  • San Diego is being surrounded with fires. Try to head north on the 5.
  • Check your out-of-San diego resources to stay for a least a week. Air quality will be bad for several days.
  • Look for the direction of the wind. This is super important. It can tell you if the fires are heading your way.
  • With winds above 30mph the fire spreads quickly and firefighters can't do much to stop it. Firefighters turn into "Rescue Missions" Move away of the fires or better try to get behind them if the area behind the fires is safe.